We like to call ourselves tehnology translators who design with the beauty and logic of nature in mind. Our passion for digital fabrication, generative design and the unconventional has led us to furniture design. Take a look at our vision of the world, different from the dull squareness of the contemporary furniture.


POLLEN S table lamp
PRIMO coffee table
LIBRO bookshelf
PRIMO coffee table
PRIMO coffee table
LUMENA light fixture
PRIMO coffee table
PRIMO coffee table
ASCEND staircase


  The Primo table, which represents the latest design from Simplexio, is a manifesto for the importance of mass customization in today’s design


Through the use of flexible computer-aided manufacturing systems to produce custom output, Simplexio aims to demonstrate the easiness in which we can alter one basic design.

Rhino 3D Blog

Provides a new insight, different from the dull squareness of contemporary furniture


Say goodbye to the “architecture of boxes”. We live in box-shaped houses, our tables are boxes, our bookshelves are boxes.. we could use a fresh breath.


Simplexio is a concept that brings together innovation by combining organic forms with complex mathematical elements provided by nature, embodied together in special furniture made of metal and glass


  The objects represent the transposition of elements and materials that surround us – a leaf, a shell, a tissue seen through microscope –  in interior design


Bold plans & design made ​​in RO


A student, revolutionizing the furniture market in Romania



If you have a project you would like to discuss, a price inquiry or just want to say hello,  get in touch with us.

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